Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three big bulls

Tomorrow we are sending three bulls to a European Breeds Bull Sale.
Fingers crossed that they all find good homes. I will be sad to see them go, but am glad that they will have a chance to work and enjoy themselves!
Hopefully we don't come home with any of them.

White Rabbit

For the past week I have been watching a white, long-eared domestic rabbit eating grass in the morning and evening when driving to and from work. Each time I drive past, I smile with amazement that he has not been eaten by a fox.
At the same point of my 53km drive to and from work, I looked forward to seeing the rabbit. Unfortunately the rabbit was hit by a car. It turns out I was wrong about his danger being a fox.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two new arrivals

Today we were joined at the farm by Debra's new bull calf sired by Amaroo Upmarket.
Tonight the hens will be spending their first night with a 4 month old Andalusian x Wyandotte rooster.

Will try and add some pics over the weekend when both boys have settled in.

Monday, March 12, 2012

End of Summer

Summer has well and truly departed us for the 2011/2012 season. Before the season was over we even had a night cold enough that we had to light the fire.

Nothing too exciting has been going on at the farm lately, just more of the same stockwork and fencing (which I think will continue for months and months to come!).

The broody hen is still sitting and unfortunately nothing came of the eggs she was sitting on. We are hoping to pick up a rooster within the next few weeks, so maybe he will get her moving?!?

Here are some pictures I took around the farm today.


The two Spiny Spiders are quite common down in our 'swamp' paddock. Fortunately they are not venomous!

The black Angus calves are growing quickly. The calf with the splotchy face is the only multi-coloured calf on the property.
Afternoon rest


Chloe looking for a treat
The trees we planted with the help of Mum, Dad, Lana and Jarrod are all growing rapidly. I'm sure they will be giving the cows some shelter in no time.


I was planning to take Willy for a ride this weekend, but once again, he is lame. Not sure what it is this time, but he seems a little better today.

Buck is still obsessed with the Chickens. They now seem to play games with him. The latest was a chook standing on the window sill this afternoon. I'm sure Buck would have eaten her if there wasn't a window in between. Mind you, if there wasn't a window in between them, the chook probably would have been smart enough not to jump up there!