Monday, February 21, 2011

New abbreviations and a new calf

This morning when I woke up it was cold, raining, and I had a nail in my car tyre. It got me to thinking that maybe this was some sort of message about my choice to begin a new life in the country.
Fortunately Tom came to the rescue and changed the tyre in the rain while I stood inside watching.

As I drove through the hills of Thorpdale in the rain I saw a rainbow as I came around the corner and thought that maybe my day was going to get better. It did.

The people I work with have turned out to be lovely, and I am heading out to a client tomorrow morning.
I am now learning a whole new set of abbreviations and have decided that maybe all accountants love them.

Today also saw the first calf for the year hit the ground. She was born without any assistance and is a healthy 35kg. The photo is not too good as it was taken on dusk.

Our hen Diego and rooster Grace (yes the rooster is called Grace as both were named by the kids down the road before we adopted them) have settled in quite nicely and Grace even attempted to crow this morning.

 Diego's leg is also healing quite nicely from the break caused by the hunting dog Buck, however she is getting around by hopping.

A massive thank you to my friends for a great last day at work (and new teapot!), and to my extended family for helping Tom and I get into our new home.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Exuberant Lad

One of Tom's Bulls has been selected for the Lardner Park Blonde d'Aquitaine feature sale in March. He's 17 months old in this photo, so still some more growing to do despite already being well over 630kg.

This is him as a calf with him Mum. He sure has grown!

There are three cows due this month, so hopefully we have some healthy calves soon.