Saturday, January 26, 2013


During summer at the beach we had a 15 week old boxer pup "Sabi" stay with us. Buck and Sabi got along extremely well, and Buck was often laying in the sand rolling around with Sabi.
I love this photo as I feel like Sabi is whispering in Buck's ear "Hey Bucky, I love you". Of course Tom says that once again I'm personifying animals!

Operation Chicken

A few months ago, we raised some baby chicks from a school in Melbourne. As we already have chickens, these ones were to go to Tom's parents. However, due to the chickens being hand raised and very friendly, I soon missed them!
So, this week, Tom did a chicken swap for me! A bantam chook and the 4 chicks raised by Henrietta and Molly were changed over for the 3 Isa Brown hand raised chickens!
I've loved watching my little "cheepers" grow.