Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr Fox

I was picking some apples for Holly's beautiful dressage horse Diva last week with Buck.
As per usual, Buck was bounding around the paddock looking for action and in the middle of picking apples I saw what I thought was Buck bouncing towards me and said 'Good Dog', but it turned out to be a fox. The fox stopped when he heard me, decided I was no threat then kept running past me only a couple of meters away.
Tom wished I had a rifle with me, but I wish the fox had have come back to me when I started calling after him!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lana and Jarrod's Wedding

Over the weekend my big sister Lana got married to Jarrod in Sorrento. She looked absolutely stunning and the afternoon and night were amazing.
We went to four different locations for photos inlcuding scaling a fence to get some on a cliff, out on a pier, walking amongst lavender, and on a Couta boat on dusk. The photos are a little way off, but I will try and post a couple when Lana gets them so those of you that weren't at the wedding can see just how beautiful she looked.

Many people at the wedding commented that they're following the blog, which is great - but you need to leave comments so I can see that people are following!
I've been away from the farm for a week now with work and the wedding, so no farm related news to share.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 3 C's

Although Buck looks lovely and innocent, he is currently in my bad books for the Three C's.
Last weekend he killed two chickens - one on each day.
Then to top it all off he decided to sleep on the white, freshly washed couch.
For those of you wondering about Grace and Diego, they are fine and Grace now has a new hen to follow around. She was missing all her neck feathers after being picked on by another chicken.

Buck has learnt to leave the couch alone now - but we will have to keep him on a lead around the chickens.

Monday, March 14, 2011


This week we had Terry and his 21 tonne excavator arrive at the farm to pull out cypress and pine trees. We had my sister and partner come down for the weekend, so they helped out with the house and also with burning the trees (those of you that know Jarrod would know that he was in his element with this part!).

The machine makes light work of the trees.





The small cypress along the driveway were relatively easy compared to the other older trees. 

Despite the fires raging away, we didn't receive any visits from the CFA. We did have the neighbours pop in though. The fires have been lit for three days now and are still smoking out the whole farm.
Tom and Buck checking out one of the fires
Tera and Buck - Best mates looking evil
 The farm is looking a lot more open, and now Tom has a blank canvas to start fencing.

Over the weekend we also had 2 more calves hit the ground giving us a total of 4 over the past few weeks. We must get naming!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Today I was surprised with a new herb garden for my birthday. While I had been away having fun at my sister's Hen's party, Tom was busy building. It has already been planted courtesy of Jane and with a bit of love I will have herbs in no time!
New Herb Garden

Another calf was born on Saturday, so now we have two young girls running around. Both are still to be named. If anyone has any suggestions, this year they all have to start with 'G'. At the moment we are thinking "Gippy Girl" for one considering we live in Gippsland.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grace is growing up

Grace (the rooster) has recently been trying to crow - It sounds more like his voice is breaking than anything, but hopefully he'll get there, as his current one sounds quite pathetic!
He has taken to flying up onto things now he has discovered his wings, and often frequents the outdoor table. Last night I found him roosting on the wheelie bin...hopefully he grows out of it!