Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blondes on the move

Tom moved the blondes last week while I was at work and got some pics for me. They have settled in well and were enjoying the sunshine this morning.


Grace departed the company of the hens today, and I don't think the girls even noticed. I was happy to be outside and not have to watch my back. We had a roast chicken (from the local shops) for lunch to celebrate.

Tonight I had a very different experience from what would have constituted a Saturday night in Melbourne. I played midwife to a ewe with pregnancy toxemia. The ewe was not going to live past the next 24 hours and after my persuading, Tom decided to try and give the ewe a c-section by torch light to see if the twins were alive. Unfortunately one of the twins was well gone (hence how sick the ewe was) and the other wasn't alive either. I'm sad that we didn't have any success, however I guess that's "life on the farm".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 days and counting

The countdown is on until we become de-Graced. After an unprovoked attack on Friday morning from Grace on my way to work, I have finally agreed that Grace can not stay on the farm. Knowing that no one else would want a crazy rooster, his days are now limited.

On a more exciting note, 4 of the cows (Clover, Citrus, Chloe and Debra) and their calves (Gem, Gidget, Gucci and Gippy Girl) made the move over to the farm yesterday.
They seemed pretty relaxed when I got home last night, and I am sure they're enjoying the plentiful grass.
I'll upload some pics soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


It has been a long time between posts.
Tom and I have had plenty of visitors over the past few weeks, including from interstate.
Bruce and Tom have been tirelessly putting in posts, hammering in staples and straining wires and we are now getting very close to having an area to contain some cattle. Tom is hoping to truck some over within the next week. They're starting to get very hungry in their boggy 'quarantine' paddock, so some long grass would be very welcomed by the girls.

Grace (the rooster) has disgraced himself after attacking my Nanna a few weeks ago, and is now on death row. However, he does serve his purpose and proved himself when he chased and attacked Crumpet who was in pursuit of one of the hens. I think one more bad move from Grace may see him replaced with a calmer model.