Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winter has arrived

After being away for two weeks with work (to Northern Queensland) I have noticed just how much winter has set in. While away I had a trip in a single propeller plane to an airport that looked like a bus shelter... I'd never really been nervous on a plane until the pilots started looking for the runway to land!

The calves have started to get their thick winter coat and look very cuddly.
Frankie with her winter coat
 While I was away there was a new addition. Chloe had a little girl, and keeping with the fashion theme (Chloe came from a farm where there was also Dolce, Dior and Chanel), we've called her Gucci.
 The other calves born earlier this year are growing well.
The 3 little ladies having a rest

Gem - very relaxed!

Gippy Girl and Gidget

Gallant Downs after getting a lesson on where not to stand!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rainy Sunday

We have had plenty of visitors over the past week. It has been lovely to see some Melbourne faces come past and some local ones pop in too.
Over the past four days Tom and Bruce have started putting the fence posts in after months of cutting down trees, ripping out old posts, pulling up wire, slashing the fence lines and plenty of burning. There is still more to go, but it is nice to see some posts in the ground to be able to see where the paddocks will be.
Today was wet and cold and I stayed warm and sheltered in the house. The chickens were also looking for shelter on the back door step - I shooed them away, but they didn't move far and took shelter under the wheelbarrow. The rain didn't deter the fencing efforts and more posts were put in by Tom and Bruce. When the rain clears I'll try and get some photos.