Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last calf before the Wedding!

Yesterday, Chloe had her Nielsen French sired bull calf. The bull calf will be the last one until November.
Although there will be a break from calving, Tom is now busy with artificial insemination.
The calf was quick to get his first drink and Chloe is looking after him well.
Chloe is a good mother, and was very patient when Tom picked up the calf to weigh him yesterday. Tom wasn't too impressed with my delay in reading the scales because I was taking a photo! Holding all 43kg of the calf, I think he had a valid point when he told me to hurry up!

Best Mates

A few weekends ago we had 'I'm a real Kelpie' Tera come to visit. Buck and T-Dog are best mates, and I think Tera enjoys being a 'real' Kelpie on the farm.