Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taj McCoop 1 : Fox 0

Within a week of the chook run being complete, a fox tried to test the boundaries. With the corrugated iron in the ground, the fox didn't get too far. He must have been determined, as he tried in 3 different spots.

With better climbing skills, a rat has had more success in getting into the hen house. In an attempt to scare him out last night, Tom also managed to scare the rat into jumping off the hen house through the air ... and right towards me. I think I may have pulled a muscle in my stomach trying to move at lightening speed to get out of the way of the airborne rat!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome Chooks!

After losing all of my Chooks including the rooster to a fox a few weeks ago, I now have a new group of ladies and a man about the hen house.
The rooster was free to a good home after being hand raised with hope that he was a hen.
Although the rooster (who we've named Leo) is bossing the girls around at the moment, I hope he will settle down soon enough.

The chickens are now safe in the fort-knox like chicken run. With corrugated iron in the ground and chicken wire 1.8m high, hopefully they will be safe during the day. 20 square meters should be enough for the hens to get some sun during the times that we are not home to supervise.

The rooster is an Araucana, and the hens are bantam Wyandottes.

A massive thank you to my helpers for making my ladies safe ... you know who you are. xx